“Whether assembling an outfit or a room in your home, it’s always a question of a good eye, discipline, knowledge, and taste.” – Carolina Herrera


My name is Honey Aubrey and I have spent 7 years of my professional life in the modeling, pageants and fashion industries here in this beautiful rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii!).  As a little girl I enjoyed sketching houses and “decorating” them with furniture-  I had always wanted to be an architect or interior decorator.  The twists and turns of life led me to an amazing career as a Model/Talent Scout and Fashion Show Director, as well as educational background in both Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design.  I also took a leap of faith and opened a new line of handmade jewelry, and accessories- Bohemian Princess. (10% of your purchase will be donated to my non-profit organization, Fashion With A Mission, whose focus is to help orphaned children throughout the globe.)

Recently, I ventured into the home furnishing and bedding industry, passionately working for the largest furniture empire in Hawaii, C.S Wo & Sons!   My love of interior decorating and design has inspired me to create another blog and share my interests, observations, knowledge and expertise with my clients and the rest of the world.

So I welcome you all… to my second little island here in this  blogesphere::: The Glamorous Home– a blog dedicated to finding luxury in your home interiors, furnishing and decor.

Honey Aubrey


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