Lavender Mist

The color purple has always been synonymous with luxury, femininity and royalty…

Painting a room purple may be a suggestion most people would question, but pale purple, or lavender, is a neutral color that is a necessity for any glamorous home. The hue is almost gray that it compliments any type of interior.


Lavender color is versatile and depending on how it’s used, it can bring a romantic, calming, modern or eccentric feel to a room.

The color is also subdued, which makes it easier to coordinate with almost any type of fabric. And for the same reason, it lavender paint makes the perfect backdrop for wall art.


*For a “wow” moment, choose glossy lavender paint in an entryway.
*The bedroom is the best place to use lavender as it is soothing and almost lulls you to sleep!
*Avoid using lavender in a kitchen or bathroom as it is the type of color that needs to be complemented with other patterns, textures and hues.
*Gray with lavender is a chic and glamorous combination, while browns add warmth, and green add a little bit of romance.

Some current hot finds to bring lavender hues into your spaces:






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